Jeanne Rucker Ezell 2011


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Jeanne Rucker Ezell received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in 1978.  Her first year of hospital practice was at the USAMEDDAC Army Hospital in Wurzburg, West Germany.  She then served as a staff pharmacist at East Tennessee Baptist Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee for five years before deciding to pursue further training for pharmacy practice management.  Jeanne completed the Master’s in Hospital Pharmacy and the 2-year Residency Program at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 1986.  

Jeanne has been Director of Pharmacy at Blount Memorial Hospital in Maryville, Tennessee for over 21 years, and Director of the PGY-1 Residency Program since its implementation in 2006.  She previously was Director of Pharmacy and the Residency/ Fellowship Program at Western Missouri Mental Health Center in Kansas City, Missouri 1986-1990.  

Jeanne has been very active in professional organizations, starting out as a charter member and then serving as Secretary-Treasurer of the Knoxville Area Society of Hospital Pharmacists.  She was active in the Missouri Society of Health System Pharmacist and the Greater Kansas City Society of Health- System Pharmacists (GKCSHP) and served as President of GKCSHP prior to returning to Tennessee.  Jeanne was very active in the Tennessee Society of Hospital Pharmacists (TSHP) prior to moving to Kansas and resumed committee activities in TSHP and the Tennessee Pharmacists Association upon return to Tennessee in 1990.  She was President-Elect, President, and Past-President of TSHP during 2004-2007.  In addition to other committee appointments, Jeanne has chaired the ad hoc Committee on Patient Continuum of Care, leading state-wide efforts in promotion of a Universal Medication List initiative to improve communications about medications among patients and their healthcare practitioners.

A firm advocate for professional organizations not only the local and state level, Jeanne has also been active in the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP), serving several terms as a delegate for Missouri and Tennessee.   She was a member of the ASHP Council on Professional Affairs 1996-1999, serving as Vice-Chair in 1997-1998 and as Chair in 1998-1999.  Serving on the ASHP Committee on Nominations in 2002-2004 provided another opportunity to network with pharmacists from all across the country.  Jeanne became a Fellow of the ASHP in June 2004.  

Jeanne has served as a preceptor for pharmacy students since her early practice days at Baptist Hospital.  She is currently a preceptor for Advanced Institutional Practice and Institutional Practice Management for the University of Tennessee, Mercer University, and Samford University Colleges of Pharmacy.   In addition to her role as Director of the Residency Program at BMH, Jeanne is the preceptor for Practice Management and Medication Safety.   Jeanne has been a strong supporter for pharmacy technician training and expanded utilization throughout her career.  She chaired an advisory group that was instrumental in getting an ASHP-accredited pharmacy technician training program implemented in the Knoxville area, and continues to be a member of the Roane State Community College Pharmacy Technician Training Advisory Board.

Throughout her career, Jeanne has focused on medication safety and quality improvement in patient care, and has made many presentations at state and national meetings on the use of technology and process improvements for prevention of adverse drug events.  Some of the pharmacy-led medication safety initiatives at BMH were recognized by the Premier hospital group with a Risk Management and Medical Error Prevention Award in 2000.  Jeanne was selected in 1983 as Hospital Pharmacist of the Year by the Knoxville Area Society of Hospital Pharmacists, chosen for a Meritorious Service Award from the Tennessee Hospital Association, also in 2000, and in 2001 received the Tennessee Hospital Pharmacist of the Year Award.  Jeanne received the Tom C. Sharp 2007 Tennessee Pharmacist of the Year Award.  Blount Memorial Hospital’s pharmacy department has twice received the TSHP Innovative Practice Award under Jeanne’s leadership, in 1999 and 2009.

2nd among all schools of pharmacy in National Institutes of Health funding
Brings more than $20 million in external funding into the state each year
7 of 19 cancer drugs formulated through the National Cancer Institute were developed at the KU School of Pharmacy
3,000 free flu shots given to Kansans in need during the past 5 years
4,000 living alumni, 63 percent of them living and working in Kansas
KU pharmacists practice in 95 of Kansas’ 105 counties
20th among public schools of pharmacy.
—U.S. News & World Report
$20.2 million NIH research grant earned by Distinguished Professor Jeff Aubé was 2nd largest in Kansas history
100 percent placement after graduation for KU Pharm.D. students
Established in 1885 as the 1st professional program at KU
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